Hi-Tec Marine Ltd... a privately owned family business situated in the middle of the Mediterranean on the beautiful Island MALTA was founded over 22 years ago by Mr Anthony Sultana. Mr. Anthony Sultana has over 36 years experience in the marine boat building industry all from which began in the United Kingdom, Anthony shared his great knowledge and experience with his family which can be seen in the numerous open boats, cabin cruisers and sport yachts’ the company has manufactured over the years…

One thing that has constantly remained in our business has been integrity, dedication and most of all to be honest and do what’s right!! and by this motto over the years the company has become one of today’s most popular and trusted Marine centre’s on the Maltese islands.


A big part of popularity came to Hi-Tec Marine Ltd back in the late 1980’s when the company introduced their famous range of Ranieri boats from Italy, due to Hi-Tec Marine’s eye to detail and work consistency they were immediately licensed to manufacture the full and exclusive range of Ranieri boats under license to the Ranieri corporation’s specifications…. With their outstanding reputation for seaworthiness, stability and design the Ranieri range hit the Maltese market very strongly and over the years the RANIERI range has become one of the most popular demanded brands in the boating industry here in Malta... The popularity and demand for these boats was so high that Hi-Tec Marine also had to import the full range from the mother company in Italy to satisfy the demand...

Hi-Tec Marine also produced their own line of cabin cruisers… the first model introduced was the SEABIRD 238... a fast sports cuddy cabin incorporating a twin berth, a small kitchenette and a manual WC in the cabin.. a double sun bathing sofa at aft and twin driver / passenger seat.. this model also had its very own Ice cooler which was a standard item!
The demand for larger cabin cruisers was increasing over the island and after marketing research the company sat down, designed and manufactured a brand new model to add to its existing fleet.. The Seabird 310... This model was designed, built and crafted completely here in Malta and two versions were made... An Open sports version with a sporty radar arch and a fishing version for the fishing enthusiast… both versions were introduced at the same time with outstanding response from the general public and good sales were made!!

The company looking to expand its manufacturing line carried out extensive marketing research and found that a large demand for a 26ft cruiser was in demand… once again the company designed and manufactured a brand new model... The Seabird 249… one of the most beautiful models ever to be designed by our company... The Seabird 249 was designed with the sportsman in mind but also catered a self draining cockpit for the sport fishing enthusiast.

Only a few years ago... Due to the increase in demand for imported boats... Hi-Tec Marine stopped manufacturing boats and diversified their business and focused more on the importation and servicing of importing a larger range of boats, importing their own range of Selva outboard engines, outboard installations, engine services and many other related services…

After saying all this the Seabird 249 and Seabird 310 moulds were exported to Greece where they are still currently being manufactured by Poseidon boats and exported all over the world… we are sole importers for Poseidon boats… therefore any interest in either models are still available…

Due to the company diversifying more into the Importation of boats, outboards and engine servicing in early 1995 the company heavily invested in their new purposely built headquarters… which incorporates a service department, a Showroom and sales department and also administration offices… spread all over an area of over 11,000 sq ft.

 The official opening of the new Hi-Tec Marine Headquarters  was October  1999.  Hi-Tec Marine Ltd opened their new showroom in the prominent main road “Triq Il-Mina Ta’ Hompesch” situated in ZABBAR, to serve the customer even better!! Displaying a large array of boats.. outboards, generators, tenders, Ribs, parts, accessories and more…..

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:
9.00am – 7.00pm ALL DAY
9.00am – 2.00pm